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Jennifer Merrill

Twenty years of the real estate business teach many lessons and I take these lessons to work each day as your Realtor.

The main lesson that is in front of me every time I get a text, or an email, or a plea for help (yes, there are real estate emergencies), I am reminded why I love what I do.

Helping people.  I won't pretend the money isn't a factor, because as with all of us who work it does matter.

But it is the people first.  Always.

What I would like for you take away from these few words is that I am the person that you want to trust with your transaction.

I do not believe in saying "no, it won't work", that is when I roll up my sleeves and get it done.

I am an extremely competent real estate professional without equal.  This might sound a bit braggy, but it is a fact.

I am a loyal partner who will share all of the facts regardless of whether they are hard truths or great news. I will be there with you through it all.

Give me a call and let me show you how real estate is done.


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Real Estate Professional

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